Use the right lighting to create a nice atmosphere in the bathroom

Do not compromise on bathroom lighting because proper lighting is crucial to ensure that the room offers you both well-being and suitable work lights.

During the past few years, the Danish design company Dansani has made a dedicated effort to create perfect overall lighting solutions for the bathroom. The phase-out of incandescent bulbs has increased our possibilities but also added challenges and compromises. What we offer at Dansani is not a compromise but state-of-the-art LED technology.

Our solutions, which include ceiling pendant lights, ceiling lamps, mirror cabinets and washbasins with lighting as well as indirect lighting in cabinets and drawers, have one thing in common: they present the best colour stability available on the market, at the same time offering the right balance between well-being and work lights.

Indirect lighting creates well-being

- The bathroom is the one room where we typically spend the phase between sleeping and being awake, both in the morning and in the evening. Therefore, bathroom light has a great impact on our well-being. It should not destroy the brain's production of the sleep hormone in the evening and at the same time we want it to gently wake us up in the morning, says Rasmus Kjær, development manager at Dansani.

That is why Dansani offers solutions with an abundance of indirect lighting that ensures proper illumination of whatever you are looking at without forcing you to look directly into the light. As an example, the cabinets might be equipped with a vertical light strip that ensures light on all the shelves but is installed on the opposite side of the hinging. When you open a cabinet, you are standing opposite the hinging, meaning that the light will not shine directly into your eyes.

Spot the details

Dansani combines direct light with mirrors equipped with light frames or spots that ensure optimal work light whilst drawing your attention to those details that you would prefer to find before everyone else does.

- All our LED lighting has the best colour stability on the market because make-up must be the same colour in the mirror as in daylight. For this reason, we have chosen a white light but reproduced in a warm tone that secures the experience of well-being without having to compromise on work light, Rasmus Kjær explains.

Similarly, Dansani makes it possible to use a variety of combination options to make the most of the so-called ambient lighting.

- If you have a well-illuminated mirror, it is important that you create a sensible light around it as well – the so-called ambient lighting. Large contrasts make your pupils contract and dilate repeatedly, and apart from it being rather strenuous, you do not see the details very well. That is why you really want to make sure that the entire room is well-illuminated by a comfortable light, says Rasmus Kjær.

Facts about Dansani light

Dansani uses LEDs in all our lighting solutions to ensure energy-efficient and long-lasting lighting. All LED sources are 90 RA to ensure light with the highest level of colour stability on the market. With a colour temperature of 3.150 K, the light is white but in a warm tone that gives you a feeling of well-being.

All Dansani's electrical installations are IP44-protected and fulfil the requirements of electrical installations in wet rooms. This adds a high level of flexibility with regards to furnishing the room close to the bathtub or shower, and this is a great advantage in small rooms.